Drakes cameo in Anchorman 2 is so perplexing and beautiful


Last Night in Ferguson (10.21.14): A state senator was arrested (and mama may have been legally packing), one of the lead organizers, nettaaaaaaaa, was roughed up by police, and one of the main sources of footage/live feeds, Rebel Z, was detained in what seems to have been an intimidation and straight up harassment tactic. The police are out of control, and it’s only getting worse. If you think this is over, you need to look again. #staywoke #farfromover

Ferguson is still happening. Are you still paying attention?

Tune into Z’s UStream tonight to watch developments live. 

It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.


cat people: dogs are cool too
dog people: cats don’t feel love did you know a cat once MURDERED my MOTHER


Francis Alÿs, Nightwatch, 2004.  

Surveillance cameras observe a fox exploring the Tudor and Georgian rooms of the National Portrait Gallery at night.

It’s hard not to feel humorless as a woman and a feminist, to recognize misogyny in so many forms, some great and some small, and know you’re not imagining things. It’s hard to be told to lighten up because if you lighten up any more, you’re going to float the fuck away. The problem is not that one of these things is happening, it’s that they are all happening, concurrently and constantly.

These are just songs. They are just jokes. They are just movies. It’s just a hug. They’re just breasts. Smile, you’re beautiful. Can’t a man pay you a compliment? In truth, this is all a symptom of a much more virulent cultural sickness — one where women exist to satisfy the whims of men, one where a woman’s worth is consistently diminished or entirely ignored.

Megan and Nathan aren’t appreciating my guitar playing. Granted I can only play an aggressive G, but still!




Just a reminder that allinom's perfect man is a mixture between:

Tommy Wiseau + Danny DeVito

I was LITERALLY just telling Nathan how you’ve been spreading lies that I’m obsessed with danny and tommy! You’re just trying to ruin my reputation so you can have me all to yourself. I’m onto you!!

You can’t lie to me, you would jump at the chance to be Allison Wiseau-DeVito!

oh god, imagine the offspring of Danny and Tommy…

they’d be beautiful and you know it.
Besides it’s not what’s on the outside, it’s what’s on the inside: the acting talent!!


Random crow shows up on dude’s porch, looks him straight in the face and says ‘fuck you’